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The program is designed to render financial support and consulting to micro and small businesses across Georgia.






  • New Business


*Program stages

  • Business idea contest: the best business undertakings (special application form submitted online) are identified
  • Business plan development training: the shortlisted candidates are trained in business plan writing 
  • Business plan contest: the best busness plans are selected and co-financing is granted
  • Terms of co-financing


*Funding is determined by the following principle: 

One entrepreneur

receives financing up to 

5 000 Lari

Two entrepreneurs

receive financing up to 

10 000 Lari

Three entrepreneurs

receive financing up to

15 000 Lari


*Capacilty building mechanism

  • All beneficiaries will be able to go through the capacity building training courses: 
  • Individual and group cosultations
  • Business plan drafting training
  • Business Administration training


*Eligibility Criteria: 

All participants should meet the following requirements: 

  • Georgian citizen, at least 18 years old
  • Not a public servant
  • No overdue tax obligation
  • Provide at least 20% of co-financing after successfully completing all stages of the project
  • If an applicant has successfully passed the first stafe of the selection process he/she is obliged to register as an entrepreneur and obtain of the following statuses: fixed taxpayer, micro- and small entrepreneur.


*Implementing organizations

For effective implementation of the program several organizations were selected to carry out  the program in the regions. Interested parties may visit  regional offices of the implementing organizations at the following locations: 


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